About Karen Iverson

Thanks for visiting my ePortfolio.  I am an artist, writer, educator, and coach who loves to learn.  I have studied Photography, Printmaking, Drawing, Painting and Ceramics at the School of Visual Arts, William Paterson University, Bergen Community College and Montclair State University.  I have studied writing at the University of New Hampshire and book publishing with the Self Publishing School. I hold a masters degree from Columbia University Teachers College as well which has impressed upon me the importance of thinking outside the box and finding ones personal motivation. In addition, I am currently studying to receive a masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I hope to offer assistance to individuals in finding healing.  

Recently, I published my first book: Winning the Breast Cancer Battle: Empowering Warriors and Guiding Loved Ones which sheds light on how to lessen the suffering patients, family members, and friends face during this tumultuous experience. Written in a journal style it also includes 7 tips sections with questions to ask doctors, ways family & friends can help, & imparts ideas such as relaxation, clutter clearing techniques, and art projects. It also provides a resource list for during and after treatment. Winning the Breast Cancer Battle was a #1 New Release on Amazon and has been in the top ten breast cancer books in the Amazon Kindle store. Please click here to view and purchase my book: See or Buy Here  

My companion journal for the breast cancer patient is due to be released in Oct 2020 - please see Amazon for that release. Also, if you do choose to purchase my book I ask you to please leave a review after reading my book - this helps the book reach more people so that more can be assisted on their journey. 

I have recently added new artwork in the Drawing and Painting sections. I would love to discuss any pieces with you. Feel free to contact me at karen@winningthebreastcancerbattle.com.

Also, regarding writing -> my book publication was facilitated through help by the Self Publishing School. Please visit these links for further information on publishing your own book and make sure to tell them I sent you for a discount:

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